Can we meet? 

Most definitely!!! We would love to meet you in person over coffee or if you’re a beer drinker then beer it is. We live in Orange County if you live anywhere within 20 miles radius from us we would love to see you. If not we can always chat on the phone or Face Time

What do we get?  
 All packages you get your digital images on online gallery, one folder all in high resolution and another at a perfect web sharing size.
All images are individually edited by us with love, some will be color some will be black and white. We only do natural editing we don't do beauty edit. If you have an unfortunate zit I will get rid of it for you (we got you…).
We don’t give out any RAW files; we find the editing process just as important as the shooting it is part of our creative process that at the end we are proud off. We are very passionate about photography and want you to get the best end result, by giving the RAW file its like giving you guys a cake without putting it in the oven yet.


Is it just you?
No, we always come in pair (like socks or glove)


When do we get it?
 You usually get a sneak peek within a week up on Facebook and Instagram, (We love if you tag and share it on your Instagram or face book) then within 8-12 weeks you'll have all your images. (Usually less)


How do we book?
Let me know the coverage you'd like and I can send you a little bit of paperwork. Once that is returned I send you an invoice for the first installment. Once paid your date is all yours and no other appointments will be taken for that day.


Do you do engagement sessions?
Yes we do. If your thinking of booking us for your wedding, we highly recommend to do the engagement shoot with us (we have a package for that). We love to do this so we can get familiar and confortable working together before the wedding day. You can choose your location and we will go from there.

We are getting married overseas/interstate?
We love to travel. Get in touch for a personalized quote.  
Depending on the location we can tailor your customize package.


Do we need to feed and water you?
Yes please… on a full day booking; you don't want a hangry photographer. It's a very long day for us, I do try and pack some snacks and water but hauling around 14kgs of gear all day is very hard work. 


We are shy and awkward in front of a camera?  

Please don't stress, we want you to just be yourselves and we will help you with gentle guidance. We prefer capturing real moments rather than too posed, we want you to get a little carried away and caught up in the moment, forget that we are there and kiss how you'd normally kiss, smile and cuddle like you would when no one is looking. We will do the work to capture that. And if you're awkward that works too because it's you. Hopefully after we have been there for a few minutes you'll forget we even there.  


How long do we need for our bridal shoot? And when is the best time?
An hour of shooting time is plenty for one or two close by locations, although please factor in travel time to get to locations and a bit extra time if you have a large bridal party. If your session doesn't fall in that last bit of light of the day I highly advise factoring in 15min at sunset to step away from your reception to capture that light!! The best light is that hour and a half before sunset; it's also our favorite. 
If you are drawn to my darker work think wisely about your ceremony location and time of day, if it's in a building or church that won't matter as much but if you are having a garden/outside wedding it's best when light and shadows are softer so look at early morning or 2/3 hours before sunset depending how much time you want for bridal portraits and family formals. 


How long for family formals?
Usually 30min. We would love if you have someone that can round up each group ready and waiting and we will get through it with ease. Family formals take place after the ceremony at that location. Also tell those that are needed before the day so they don't head off and are missed.  

Do you offer albums? 
 Yes we do, you can choose your images (or we can do it for you) once you have them and we'll design it for you.